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      Chemical Fertilizer, Chemical Fertilizer Turkey, Turkish Chemical Fertilizer , Chemical Fertilizer Turkish Companies in Turkey

Merkez Anadolu Kimya Ltd has been manufacturing chemical and organic fertilizers in its own facilities over an area of 14.500 square meters in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. The background of company comes from 1980 s working in the agriculture sector and has been continuing under Merkez Anadolu Kimya company framework since 2001. Having a strong Research and Development structure, Merkez Anadolu Kimya continues to the customer oriented production and service in order to satisfy the agricultural requirements in Turkey and in the international market. The production philosophy of our company has been focused on mainly the special specific fertilizers such as NEMAKEY which is an organic solution against nematode detrimental and additionally an organic fertilizer. With the quality of fertilizers and customer oriented after-sales services, Merkez Anadolu Kimya has become a reliable and preferable manufacturing company in the domestic and international markets.

Merkez Anadolu Kimya is one of group companies, in which the others are functioning in seed manufacturing and agricultural marketing, with their 250 employees including 65 agricultural engineers. Our quality policy is to perform a production that meets customer expectations at the utmost level, improve constantly the product quality, organize educational programs continuously in all our works, carry out solutions aimed at solving the technical requirements of researchers and employees working in production, analysis, measurement and Research and Development, choose appropriate design integrated systems related to these areas. If you are looking for a professional business partner, you are at the correct place: Please do not hesitate to call us. For a healthy world, we produce ecological and environmental friendly organic fertilizers.
ADAGA AS was established in 2011. Our company has made important projects in Turkey with studies that it has done by way of “providing the best and most innovative products” and successfully completed TUBITAK’s work in 2013. Date 29.04.2014 numbered 28986 The investment commission has been approved by the evaluation commission of the project “Using Chitin from Shellfishes as an Intermediate to Chitosan Production and Different Sectors” under the scope of the regulation on the technological product investment support program and it was decided to support this program. Kitin-Kitosan, which has not been produced by anyone in Turkey before, has started to be produced by our firm with the support of Ministry of Science Industry and Technology within the scope of SAN-TEZ project.